How To Catch Rainbow Trout

For those of you who have never had the pleasure, this article is going to teach you how to catch rainbow trout. These beautiful fish can be found in lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers. As you can imagine, the one thing that the water that rainbow trout swim in must have two factors that are very important. The water must be cold and usually pretty clear. During the spring, rivers, streams, and ponds can become muddy, but they normally don’t stay that way for long. They like cold, clear water.

One of the best places to find and fish for these fish are small rivers and streams. They are a ton of fun to catch in the flowing water or a river or stream, and rainbows are known for jumping completely out of the water during the fight (especially in the spring). This article is going to focus on catching them out of small rivers and streams, because this is the type of environment that most anglers have available to them. gear for the fishing

Once you find a small river or stream that contains rainbows, the equipment that you need to catch them is fairly simple. I prefer ultra light rods and reels, spooled with four-pound test. You can use line as heavy as six-pound test, but that’s as heavy as you should go. You can use small lures (such as spinners, spoons, and/or minnow imitations) or live bait to catch rainbow trout. I prefer live bait and more specifically live worms for fishing.

The only other gear you will need are the live worms themselves, gang hooks, small barrel swivels, and split shot sinkers. Here is the way to rig up: start by grabbing the end of your line and tying on a small barrel swivel. On the opposite end of the barrel swivel, tie on a set of pre- tied gang hooks (a set of pre-tied gang hooks is the best way to present a live worm naturally). Now all that needs to be done is actually adding a live worm to the gang hooks and adding split shot sinkers for weight above the swivel. The goal is to have this offering flow naturally with the current, bouncing along the bottom the entire time.

This technique works extremely well for catching it. Another item that makes this type of fishing much easier is a bait bag. A bait bag is simply a small pouch that carries your live worms while you’re fishing. This way your worms are always at your fingertips waiting to be used. With the help of a bait bag, baiting up and re-baiting takes seconds, rather than minutes, which means that you get more fishing time!

The bottom line is that this is how to catch a rainbow trout. The technique described in this article is extremely effective, and the more you use it the better you will become at it. I’ve been using this exact technique to catch rainbow trout all over the country for more than twenty years, and know how effective it is. Soon, you will as wel

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